Dear Carolyn,

Your Question: What does it mean to bring in the meat?

My Answer(s): Thank you for your question and visiting my web site for understanding. Your question appears to suggest that we are to bring "meat" into some place of a self-appointed minister choosing. First, I must point out that the verse you are referring to with this phrase "bring in the meat" is not in the New Testament but in the Old Testament. And itís an admonishment and commandment to the sons of Levi and the priests, not to Christians (Malachi 2:1-9). For God gave the sons of Levi the authority to collect tithes from the males who owned land and livestock in excess of ten each. But these sons of Levi were stealing the best of the tithes for themselves rather than using them for the upkeep of the temple of God and sacrifices as required by the law (Malachi 1:6-14).

Those who wish to extort ten percent of Christianís income often quote this phrase in some form or another. Malachi 3:10 also speaks of bringing this so-called "meat or "food" into the "storehouse". Are you fully persuaded that these man-made human organizations called "churches" are "storehouses" for God? I mean think about what you are implying here. Now, looking at the verse in the King James it says "meat", however, in other translations in says "food".

After reading this verse one must ask what is the "storehouse" on this planet God called His own? It certainly was not all these worldly buildings called "churches". Because when the prophet spoke these words being moved by the Holy Spirit, Godís house was the temple in Jerusalem. And the sons of Levi were charged with collecting tithes of grains and livestock from the males of Israel. So when the Holy Spirit spoke of "meat", this referred to actual grains and livestock, not to the income of Christians. The word "storehouse" refers to the Godís house, the temple of God (Exodus 23:19, 34:26, and 1 Chronicles 6:48, 9:26).

King David said:

King Solomon said:

Therefore under the Old Covenant, we see that the word "storehouse" in Malachi 3:10 refers to the house of God or temple of God built by King Solomon. And not to some building built by men, which are called "churches". These self-appointed ministers claiming they represent God do not sit in the "storehouse" of God. Otherwise, there are many storehouses of God on this planet and which one do you think is the right one? If you believe you should take your meat to their "churches" then you would be taking grains and livestock to them. For the word meat in Malachi 3:10 does not mean ten percent of your money or income.

The meanings of these words in verse 10, as "storehouse" is Strong's number 0214 with a phonetic speech "o-tsaw'", the Hebrew Original Word: "Rcwa". Transliterated Word: "owtsar" Malachi 3:10... the word "storehouse" in the Hebrew means: treasure (gold, silver, etc); storehouse (store, supplies of food or drink); treasure house, treasury (fig. Of God's armory); King James translations: treasures, treasury, storehouses, cellars, armory, garners and store.

The word translated in verse 10 as "meat" or "food" is Strong's Number 02964, Original word "@rj". Transliterated word "Tereph" Phonetic spelling for speech "eh'-ref"; meaning in Hebrew: prey, food or leaf; translations in the KJV: prey, meat, leaves, and spoil.

As you can see these words do not have a meaning of ten percent of Christianís income, never have. But these gospel peddlers have convinced most Christians that these words mean their money because of their greed. The New Testament speaks of these ministers preaching from their belly for financial gain. For they are running greedily in the error of Balaam for profit (Jude 1:11).

Now, if you are asking this question because you believe God was speaking to the people of Israel rather than the priests and the "sons of Levi" in Malachi, then please study Malachi chapters 1-3. If you are asking this question because you are thinking that these human organizations called churches are storehouses or your minister was given authority by God to collect tithes from you, and he represent God then here is a truth you can trust, he do not nor are churches storehouses. And those ministers who claim their human organizations is the house of God then they are wrong nor do they represent God.

Now, under the New Covenant, your body is God's house (His temple), if indeed you have His Spirit and the Spirit of His Christ living in you. And further proof that these church houses of this world are not God's houses is this, that throughout God's word He compares and speaks of Himself as being among the poor and oppress of the land. The poor and needy of the ones God says He stands up for and takes up their cause - what you do to them you do to God (Psalm 12:5, Proverbs 14:31 and Matthew 25:35-46). These Scriptures tell us that God lives among the poor and needy of this world. Therefore, the poor and needy and oppressed of this world represent God. And if you want to give to God then help the poor and helpless of this world with your ten percent of your income and your offerings. Not to some minister, I repeat not some self-appointed, over fed minister claiming he represent God (believe me he don't) and nor do his human organization so-called by the name "church" or "God's house" are this "storehouse" in Malachi 3:10.

Finally, I direct you to my Tithes and Offerings web site article on Malachi 3 Miss-interpreted. I pray that you search the Scriptures and rightly divide the word of God. Remember to humble yourself before God and your fellow man. And if you are lacking in anything understanding God is faithful to provide it to a humble servant. Amen. Praise God.

In Christ Love,

Ron Davis, servant of Christ