Dear Malcolm H.,

Your Question and Comment(s): I've studied several [Scriptures] and read a lot of material on tithing and still not satisfied. Should I be giving ten percent or not? Is the money just used to keep the church running or is used to feed the poor and help the needy? [Iím] on the [Stewart] board and can't really answer that myself. I want to do what is right according to Gods word. Please give something concrete I can use.

My Answer(s): Let me thank you for visiting my web site, and submitting your question and comments. I pray that the Holy Father in heaven will grant you understanding in His holy word. For understanding and accepting the word of God when it do not agree with our own preconceived thoughts, doctrines of men and the things we want to do is very hard. Yes, we must enter into our study of Godís word asking Him to make us teachable and humble enough to accept correction and the spiritual things we are taught by the Holy Spirit. Let us not forget the fear of God is the beginning of understanding and knowledge. I will first address your comment concerning you studying several Scriptures and reading a "lot of material on tithing". Yet, even after reading and studying the Holy Scriptures and this other material you still want to give "men" ten percent of your income. It is sad that even after those who are indoctrinated by the commandments of men to pay them tithes. That professing Christians still refuse to accept the teachings of the Spirit that do not support tithing as a part of the New Covenant. I ask, what are you not satisfied about, what you want to do or what God reveals to you to do? For it appears that you will not be satisfied even after I give you more Scripture showing tithing is not a part of the New Covenant, but a teaching of the evil one and the doctrine of men. I mean, are you looking to prove to your congregation their teachings concerning tithing is wrong or are you truly seeking the truth of God? I exhort you to go to my web site on tithes and offerings, if you have not already visited it.

Now, you ask the question, "should I be giving ten percent or not"? And "please give something concrete" you can use. I ask, use for what? Are you trying to convince your congregation and the Stewart board to accept your newfound understanding? I mean ask your own pastor is tithing lawful under the New Covenant, and see what he says. Better yet, ask him to show you where in the New Testament do God or His Christ command the churches of the saints to tithe to men. And ask him where in the New Covenant did God transfer or give the authority to collect tithes to "self-appointed" gospel peddling ministers who are not sons of Levi? For if He truly believe in such doctrine of men then he should be able to defend it with Scripture. His response to you will prove what you are looking for. Do you believe him or do you believe your own Bible? If you put more weight on your minister word than the Holy Bible then you have your answers.

Another question, why canít you answer who gets your money yourself, the poor or some man claiming he has a right to your money? Do you not have the Spirit of God, unless somehow you are disqualified or quenching the Spirit of Christ. Yes, it appears to me that whatever I say to you, you will in no way believe or accept what I say. Therefore, I suggest you go to those who want your money and ask them what Scripture you can use that is concrete supporting their commandment to you to give them ten percent of your money. Also, you may feel free to visit my web page below:

Let me exhort you to rely on the Holy Scriptures, and the sound doctrine of men of God who are not afraid and able to teach the whole counsel of God. I pray that you humble yourself as a little child to accept the teachings of the Holy Spirit. Again, let us not become one who continues in studying, yet unable to accept the truth of God. For you should obey God rather than men. Amen. Praise God.

In Christ love,

Ron Davis, minister of Christ