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My Answer(s): Thank you for visiting my web site, and submitting your comment and question. First, let me point out that when you are writing on the web or emailing someone, you should not use ALL CAPS throughout your message unless you are yelling at the person you are writing. Or are you yelling at me with your comment and question, which you yourself answer. For as you say, "in the law", you say correctly that God speaks these words in the Law of Moses, the Old Covenant. And in the New Covenant, you would do well to search the Scripture to see what God says about tithing in the Law of Christ.

Below is the Holy Scriptures, which you get these words you quote above. Saying the "tithe belongs to the Lord", and God also says if you want to redeem any of your tithe then you must add one-fifth to it. Now, you should be asking what do this mean. It means that the tithe has always been the fruit of the tree, seed of the land, and of the herd or flock. It was never meant to be money because the tithe was for the upkeep of the temple by using the burnt offerings and sacrifices giving as tithe. This is the reason the tithe was not commanded until after the children of Israel came into the Promise Land (Deuteronomy 26). So, I ask you when did God change His mind about tithing grain, fruit, herd and flock? And when did God change His mind about collecting an additional one-fifth in the set value of these same produces when redeemed by the person tithing it? I mean, if these self-appointed gospel peddlers had any authority to extort money from you then it would be ten percent plus an additional one-fifth. Again, I ask when did God change His mind about all males coming before Him three times a year with an offering (Deuteronomy 16)? As you can see there are many regulations and ordinances commanded of the children of Israel under the Old Covenant, which God no longer require of His people under the New Covenant. I suggest you try reading, studying and meditating on God’s Holy Word, and reading my articles on my tithes and offering website.

After reading the above verses on the words you are hanging on to from the Old Covenant, I ask you, when and how did it come about that God commanded "you" to give ten percent of "your" income to someone who have self-appointed themselves as a son of Levi? Is this a commandment of God in the New Testament? Or is it a doctrine of men?

In Numbers 18 below, God gave "all the tenth of Israel", the tithe as an inheritance to the sons of Levi. And God commanded the sons of Levi to collect the tithes from the children of Israel. Now, the commandment to tithe was given to those who had the means to tithe under the Old Covenant. Prior to the Old Covenant made between God and the children of Israel, the 13 tribes, no one gave tithes to any one except as a freewill offering to someone of their own choosing usually someone view to have greater standing than themselves. Learn from this, are those who are professing to be Christians leaders sons of Levi?

Finally, I direct you to the book of Hebrews where the Holy Spirit says, "if there had been nothing wrong with that first covenant", the Old Covenant with its tithes and offerings then God would not have sought another. And again, the Spirit tells us that the "new" covenant made the first one obsolete. "For the first covenant had regulations for worship and also an sanctuary", which needed the tithes and offerings for upkeep. But the New Covenant is made in our inner being, as it is written, this new covenant will not be like the one God made with the house of Israel and Judah. For God says He will place this new covenant in our hearts and minds. And the new temple of God is our body, as it is written, "you yourselves are God’s temple" (1 Corinthians 3).

Therefore, I say to you that God changed the old to the new when His Son died for our sins on the tree. For the old temple were torn down and God raised up new sons and daughters to be His temple, and the High Priesthood belongs to His only begotten Son by an oath. This is the change of the tithes, for the Spirit clearly says, God desired a body, and not earthly sacrifices and burnt offerings. Now, our whole body should be offered to God as a living sacrifice, which is our "spiritual act of worship" (Romans 12:1). I exhort you to believe your own Bible and not the tradition and commandments of men. Amen. Praise God.

In Christ love,

Ron Davis, minister of Christ