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How did God come up with the ten percent for tithes? 

Why don't you rethink your position on paying tithes to men?

Are we as followers of Christ Jesus cursed for not tithing?

What are tithes and offerings used for by those who collect them?

What to do about giving or making offerings in our congregation? 

Where do we send our tithes to then if not a self-appointed minister?

How do we keep up the congregation without tithing?

What about giving offerings to my congregation?

What is your teaching or thinking on paying guest speakers?

My minister did not like me telling her about tithing and female ministers.

Does not it say in the Scriptures the "Tithes Belongs to the LORD"?

Thank you for your teaching on tithing, what about 2 Corinthians 9:7?

Should I be giving ten percent or not? Give me something concrete?

Help with Hebrews 7:8

Help with Malachi 3:10 - bring tithes into the storehouse. 

Tithing and True Followers of Christ Jesus

Confused About What to Due Concerning Giving


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