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Because I am sometime asked by my website visitors, are there other like-minded followers like myself meeting together in their area? I have Listed Below Congregations and Meeting Groups that Accept the Teaching That Tithing is NOT Commanded for Followers of Christ Jesus in the New Testament (Covenant). The Kush Edifying Ministries have Listed these Congregations and Groups with their Consent for Your Information. If you know of Other Congregations or Groups that may like to be Listed Please Send their email for Consideration to be Listed. 

This Ministry Do Not Endorse Any Specific Congregation or Group Listed nor do this Ministry endorse any specific teachings of these congregations or groups - Only that these Congregations and Groups Listed Below Have Indicated to this Ministry that They Confess that the Holy Scriptures DO NOT Teach Tithing under the New Covenant.


Min. Kevin D. Williams, MEd and Elder Alvin Williams

Director of Correspondence & Communication

3551 County Road 112

Brownwood, TX 76801

Email: luewill@msn.com

New Covenant Community Outreach Church



Evangelist Tyrone Palmer

Vizionary Ministries, Inc.

Email: vizionaryministries@yahoo.com

Park City, IL 60085






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